Promotion Optimization Software

Design successful promotions and avoid unnecessary losses

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Design campaigns with returns

One of the main reasons for the loss of turnover in retail stores is unproductive promotional campaigns, those that instead of increasing sales result in losses. Through our promotion optimization software, you can design campaigns based on products with elastic demand for which reducing the price means a direct increase in sales.

Establish the ideal discount

Why offer a 20% discount if a 15% discount would suffice? Base your decisions on science and use our promotion optimization software to determine the optimal price at which to promote each product. Thanks to this, you’ll avoid unnecessarily losing very valuable margins.

No unnecessary sacrifices

Don’t cannibalise the sales of profitable products by promoting other complementary products. Analyse the impact of your promotions beforehand to guarantee the success of your campaigns.

Never run out of stock again

Before launching your campaigns, estimate your stock needs based on similar promotions so that you won’t find yourself without stock just a few days after launch, frustrating your customers.

Optimal duration

Don’t base the validity of your campaigns on simple calendar months. Determine their ideal length in relation to the volume of products that you want to offer and promote them at a price that will maximise your returns during that time.

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