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Before launching your strategy, simulate it

The impact of a bad pricing strategy can be very negative for your business. Even modifying a strategy that is already in place with good results can be dangerous if you don’t analyse all of its implications. Price strategy simulations allow you to design your business rules in a test environment, which will allow you to make as many adjustments as necessary to maximise your results.

Make sure that you have an accurate inventory

A successful strategy that has to be stopped because you’ve run out of inventory isn’t a well-planned strategy. Simulate the amount of stock you’ll need to properly measure your campaign and ensure that your expectations and those of your customers aren’t frustrated by a lack of planning.

The elasticity of demand as a reference

Reactev calculates and updates the demand estimation curve for each of your products daily. Thanks to this, you can simulate new strategies and even define new product segments so that the system itself will automatically calculate the economic impact and compare it with the current strategy. Support your decisions with science and with it increase your chances of success.

Accurate sales estimates

Anticipate your company’s billing and profit numbers thanks to the simulation, with advanced deep learning techniques to design pricing strategies in line with your objectives.

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers