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Maximise sales and margins with smart pricing.

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Your complete portfolio under control

In your product list, there are thousands of references that, despite having an acceptable sales volume, do so at a price that is lower than what they could be selling at. Worse still, thousands of other references barely sell as their price is out of line with the market. Imagine that you could identify these products, increase the price of those that are selling too cheaply, and also adjust those that are out of position. Imagine being able to do so 365 days a year.

Sales maximisation strategy

Apply strategies to increase sales if you want to improve your share of the market. The price optimization software from Reactev will calculate the optimum price that will trigger sales and, at the same time, minimise your losses. Combine this strategy with your rules for price positioning with respect to the competition and your prices will achieve a double function, raising your turnover while transmitting the image of having competitive prices.

Profit maximisation strategy

If what you want is to maximise the economic return obtained through the sale of your products, the price optimization software from Reactev will suggest the ideal price that will result in maximum profits. Likewise, you can combine this strategy with other market positioning strategies that will allow you to convey a positive pricing image.

Optimal prices, always

Determine the optimum price for each of your products thanks to the application of advanced algorithms using deep learning. Reactev will process millions of pieces of data daily from information sources including sales, customers, competition, and visits to calculate the maximum price that a customer is willing to pay for your products in real time.

No black box effect

We offer transparency in each of our calculations and estimations so that your team can feel secure and confident in our predictions. Detailed explanations for each estimate allow you to easily track the evolution of your strategies. An AI engine that is sophisticated but adapted to understand your team.

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers