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Our origins

Reactev is part of Minderest, a pioneering company in the world of price intelligence, which began its journey in 2012. As a result of our great growth, Reactev was born, the company’s new dynamic pricing division, combining our extensive experience with cutting-edge technology and a new disruptive approach to the market

What makes us different

Our focus is on retail

Reactev has been designed exclusively for physical and eCommerce retailers, which makes us better with respect to other, more general, tools.

Our extensive experience

We’ve been developing pricing projects with the highest standards for some of the largest companies on the planet since 2012.

Our disruptive technology

Big data and deep learning are the foundation that our tool is built on, the technology that allows us to stay one step ahead of the other solutions.

Our market leader objective

The competition and the global market have an increasing impact on our results. Our tool is the most advanced in the processing and analysis of competitive information.

Our support

From the first demonstration of the tool to defining your pricing strategies, our team of experts will accompany you to train and advise you.

We work in a unique environment

Join us: #ReactevTeam

Reactev is made up of great professionals with talent and a desire to excel. Mathematicians, developers, sales engineers, and account managers are just some of the positions our company needs. If thinking outside of the box is one of your skills, we’d be delighted to meet you and learn more about you. Please send us your application using the following form:

Join us: #ReactevTeam

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers