Dynamic Pricing Software

Intelligent business rules to meet your objectives

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The right price at the right time

In the changing and competitive world of retail, only those who react rapidly and with precision will achieve their goals. For each of your products, no matter if there are thousands or millions of them, you can determine the optimum price that will satisfy your customers and maximise your sales and profits.

Real-time response

Nowadays, millions of price changes can happen in just an instant. Be faster than your competition and set your prices when you want, basing them on information that is updated in real time.

Rules and objectives

Define advanced pricing rules based on almost any combination of variables imaginable: margins, conversions, positioning, competition, stock, and many more. When combined, these will allow you to design any of your strategies, no matter how ambitious they may be. Set sales goals by department and monitor the fulfilment of your goals in real time.

Multichannel and multi-store

Whether an eCommerce, brick & mortar, or an omnichannel retailer with one or thousands of stores, this dynamic pricing software from Reactev will allow you to integrate all of your channels in a single tool, responding to the individual needs and particularities of each of them.

Price and stock go hand in hand

Don’t run out of stock again because of a successful campaign that you failed to anticipate. Worse still, don’t inflate your stock with references that will never sell. The dynamic pricing software from Reactev will indicate the precise number of units you’ll need over time for each of your products, saving you from financial losses due to poor planning.

Your data sources, integrated

To make sound decisions, you must have the appropriate information. Integrate each of your data sources: the competition, sales, conversions, visits, and even climate and seasonality to base your decisions on science.

Segment and conquer

Design sophisticated product and customer segments and always offer the price that the consumer is willing to pay. Thanks to our insights, you can determine your KVI and use them as business drivers in your dynamic pricing model.

Market leader objective

With increasingly reactive competition, our market leader approach guarantees that your price positioning will be a priority in all of your market strategies. Reactev has one of the most advanced pricing engines for price positioning with respect to the competition, anticipating innumerable situations that could occur to guarantee that your business always stays competitive.

Quick integration with results in 2 months

Simply connect your internal systems with our dynamic pricing via API to achieve a quick integration that will allow you to see your first results in as little as 2 months.

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers