Pricing Analytics Software

Visualise any variable that impacts your business.

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Your pricing KPIs under control

In our complete pricing analytics dashboard, you can analyse the evolution of each of your main pricing metrics like sales, profits, price changes, and indexes, among others, to understand how your pricing strategies and the fluctuations in the market impact your business.

Understand how the elasticity of demand behaves

Not all products have elastic demand and even those that do have it can experience changes in the curve throughout their lifecycle. Reactev constantly adjusts the elasticity of demand curve for each product, allowing you to visually consult it in our pricing analytics panels, in a simple and understandable way.

Discover the correlation between variables

Millions of pieces of disorganised data may not tell you anything, but when organised, compared, and graphically represented, they will help you to understand how your variables correlate, uncovering trends that will allow you to anticipate future opportunities.

An overall or detailed view

Analyse each metric on the dashboard from an overall view of the category, brand, or segment to uncover trends or dig more deeply into a specific product to analyse the evolution of your sales and margins.

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers