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Manage the lifecycle of your prices in seconds

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Calculate with precision and execute rapidly

Managing the lifecycle of your prices is a complex task. The product interdependencies, market aggressions, and, on the other hand, the need to achieve your objectives require price management that is powerful, but at the same time, simple enough to carry out such an important mission. Whether it’s for hundreds or millions of items, Reactev will allow you to design a pricing policy that respects your restrictions and is always looking to maximise your targets.

Constraints and rounding

Guarantee pricing compliance based on dependencies, volume, packs, margins, and many other variables, building price lists that meet your requirements. Apply distinct rules of rounding and psychological pricing to make your products more attractive and attract the attention of your customers

Price review and approval

Your team will always have the last word. Quickly revise the proposed pricing suggestions, evaluating their anticipated impact on sales and margins through advanced workflows with distinct levels of approval and supervision.

Complex tasks performed in seconds

Highly computational calculations like sales forecasts or inventory rotations are carried out autonomously in seconds without this meaning any hindrance in your work. Automate thousands of calculations, saving your team time and ensuring maximum precision in your results.

Your prices, a click away

Consult any data related to your prices and products in just a few clicks, from historical to trends, sales, attributes, and photographs. Your complete portfolio will be efficiently managed from the intuitive interface of our price management system.

Optimal launch prices

Setting the correct launch price for new products is important so as not to lose sales opportunities. Based on complementary products from the same category or brand, you can estimate the optimal starting price accurate sales projections.

Smart notifications

In the event of inconsistencies or irregularities, the price management system will always keep you informed so that you can take control in anticipation of possible errors.

Error-proof pricing

Our software has been developed using the highest standards for quality and information security. You can rest easy knowing that your prices are in good hands.

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers