SEO on Amazon: Improve your product positioning

SEO on Amazon: Improve your product positioning

09/06/2021 - Pricing strategy

Is it possible to position your products on Amazon? SEO techniques on Amazon (or organic positioning within the marketplace) are often as interesting as they are unknown. But yes, the truth is that by making a good treatment of the information included in your product sheets it is possible to improve the SEO on Amazon to give more visibility to your products and sell more. Be careful, one of the keys to improve positioning is to have an optimal pricing strategy. Here we give you all the keys!

Why SEO on Amazon?

Amazon is, without a doubt, the online shopping giant. And, as such, it has its shopping ratings and methods to boost its revenue. Part of them consists of making the sellers of its marketplace increasingly active and competitive on the platform, attracting more users and thus achieving more transactions, both beneficial for them and for the sellers. SEO on Amazon responds to the Amazon A9 algorithm. This largely emulates the ranking process of search engines such as Google but uses its own elements to position products within its large online store. This is what makes the rules of the SEO game on Amazon different than the ones on Google.

In addition to this algorithm, it seems that the platform itself favors the results based on the profit it could obtain from their sale - according to this study published by the MIT Technology Review. Thus, both aspects related to the price and the relationship between the brand and the seller would be scored.

Therefore, optimizing your pricing strategy on Amazon is essential if you are going to start selling on this marketplace or if you are looking to improve your sales and conversion rate.

9 elements to do SEO on Amazon

Amazon A9 gives more relevance to the 9 elements that it considers key when it comes to offering a better experience to the potential buyer.

These are the 9 elements you can work on for SEO on Amazon:

  1. Product title: Include key references such as brand, color, size... In addition, you must make use of the best keywords to name it exactly the way it’s searched.
  2. Images: Take advantage of the use of different perspectives that contain the highest possible quality. The largest possible size ensures this resolution with the best experience (1000 x 1000px).
  3. Keywords: Be clear and concise, think about how the user would search for it, and let Amazon itself advise you. You can use tools to search for keywords on Amazon, but above all keep in mind that you have few fields to use and that you must combine both general and long-tail words to refine the search for your product.
  4. Product description: you have more opportunities to use keywords in the description of your product and remember to introduce possibilities of use, as well as the main advantages it has over the competitor's product.
  5. Features and details: benefit from this field, with a more technical point of view, to detail all the features of your product, such as dimensions, types of components, software, materials, etc. The more complete it is, the more you will help the user making the right search and purchase.
  6. Categorization: choose a category and subcategory that includes your competitors' products so as not to lose the positioning thread. Take advantage of your keywords to do a search on Amazon and find those that are more specific to have a differentiating nuance from the rest.
  7. Comments and reviews: one of the most valued elements by Amazon is the contribution of the users themselves. Use the assets that the platform gives you to request and promote the valuation of your products by your customers.
  8. Pricing: optimize promotions and prices to be more attractive to users and, in this way, you will also be more attractive to Amazon. Marketplace prefers sellers who are willing to offer an extra benefit to buyers to achieve a higher volume.
  9. Amazon Fulfillment: having an Amazon account of this type with allow the company to oversee the packaging, logistics, and shipping of your products. Their selling interest will make them come out better positioned in the rankings because, as we have already seen, it is not an impartial system.

As a final trick, use Amazon's tools to get the best results. An example? The words suggested to the user in your search bar. Amazon's Autosuggest helps to complete possible results that could be of interest to the buyer. Use these words to boost your products and match them to what is considered most relevant within your category.

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