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State-of-the-art technology that will boost your sales

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Reactev is a dynamic pricing SaaS platform designed with a single objective: to make you a market leader

Designed exclusively for the retail sector, it encompasses the entire pricing cycle in physical and eCommerce stores. Big data is processed using deep learning techniques to predict and react to changes in the market with agility and precision. Reactev is the result of years of research and development in the pricing world.

Technology that boosts your sales

Comprehensive pricing SaaS designed with cutting-edge technology that will help you make better decisions, increasing your company’s sales volume and the profitability of its operations.

Dynamic Pricing

Design advanced business rules based on strategic objectives with which to achieve your company’s goals. A combination of more than 5 data sources, among which are the prices of the competition, conversions, and sales, which are processed using deep learning techniques that allow you to carry out a dynamic pricing strategy that has been adapted to your needs.

Price Management

Price Optimization

Apply advanced deep learning techniques to optimize your prices and thus maximise your sales and profits, always with total transparency and avoiding the “black box” phenomenon in your calculations. Innumerable combinations of rules and the possibility of price and portfolio segmentation will allow you to optimize your objectives wherever possible.

Promotion Optimization

Design effective promotions that truly meet your business goals, avoiding unnecessary promotions with losses. Find out which products are the best to promote, at what price, and for how long. Manage the lifecycle of your promotions with ease, without impacting the rest of your portfolio.

Price Strategy Simulation

Plan and create pricing strategies based on advanced simulations, projecting their impact on sales, margins, and inventory. Build successful pricing strategies validated by artificial intelligence techniques that will give you confidence in your decisions.

Pricing Analytics

Support your decision making with advanced reports and charts that will allow you to understand any fluctuations in the market, detecting authentic sales opportunities that will set you ahead of the competition. Visually analyse your position in the market with the personalised and detailed view of your products, categories, brand, or segmentation.

Demand Forecasting

Accurately estimate future customer demand by taking into account variables like seasonality, climate, and the market. Make sure that you have the necessary inventory to avoid a stock shortage that could hamper your sales campaigns.

AI Pricing Engine

State-of-the-art technology that will give you a competitive advantage in this complex and changing market. A combination of big data and advanced deep learning techniques with which you can project your future sales, margins, and inventory. Base your decisions on a self-learning pricing engine that will refine its predictions every day.

Our vision

Our focus is on retail

Reactev has been designed exclusively for physical and eCommerce retailers, which makes us better with respect to other, more general, tools.

Disruptive technology (AI)

Big data and deep learning are the foundation of our software technology that allows us to stay one step ahead of other solutions.

Market leader objective

Our mission is to make you a leader in your sector. Reactev is the most advanced tool for competitive information processing and analysis.

Backed by the most demanding customers

Essential for managing sales prices based on internal rules, competitors, offers, discounts, etc. With the amount of data we work with, it would be impossible to process even with an army of analysts. Future profitability and margins begin with the analysis and management of our data. Leroy Merlin."

Reactev customers achieve their goals


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ROI metrics based on self-reported data from over 35 customers of Minderest, between 2020 and 2023.

The first dynamic pricing solution designed by and for retailers

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